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Other Projects

Welcome to the creative exploration that carries on 24/7 outside of UX- related work.
Outside of UX work, I am a curious soul that sought to define the human condition through creative means. Scroll down to see more of my explorations in photography, painting, fine art drawing and much more!


branding concept


Created June 2017

While in RISD's pre-college graphic design program, I created chéri. A hypothetical lotion brand, chéri aims to remove gender-biased branding. This is reflected in the brand's name, chéri, which means darling in French in the masculine form. Locally produced, Singapore’s national identity is emphasized in the product labels that feature illustrations of prominent buildings and sites in Singapore. 

Project 美

Created November 2018

美 (mei) is the character for beauty in mandarin. Starting my college experience in Savannah, Georgia, I could not help but realise the lack of representation of the Asian community currently in the city. Through Project 美, I wanted to showcase the different charm and beauty of the Asian students at SCAD. Each model shared what they defined as beauty, hover or click on the models to hear their thoughts.


Individual projects

Created August 2017

While at Stevenson School and freshman year at SCAD, I was about to hone my painting skills, using various concepts and techniques to showcase human emotion and try to put the intangible on a canvas.

Using traditional materials like paint, charcoal, pastel and colour pencils, these still-life pieces offered a peace of mind as I slowly saw the world as shades of colours and shadows that interacted with each other rather than distinct objects.

fine art

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