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The Ideal Experience of Getting a Date

Digital services have allowed us to connect with people who would have never met in our daily lives. However, are dating apps the way to finding your soulmate? Or do we still crave that personal touch? What are some considerations when learning about someone knew before the first date? 


The end deliverable was a printed magazine in a chocolate box filled with items for sensory stimulation based on the research results.



This research was conducted under a non-disclosure agreement with SCAD and Lextant.

Please contact me personally if you would like to know more details on my role and contributions to this research project.



This research was conducted in ten weeks with the mentorship of Professor Kwela Sabine Hermanns at SCAD and research methods partnership with Lextant.

For the purpose of this research, we have defined the stage of "Getting a Date" as the process that starts when two individuals become aware of each other's existence and ends just before the first date. Through this research we focused on two questions:

  • What is the current experience of getting a date? 

  • What would the ideal experience of getting a date look like?


Cherie Chung

Siwei Pu

Laura Ford

Emily Lee

Chris Bartoldus

My Role

Contextual research


Cultural probe

Affinity Mapping


Affinity mapping is the process of putting data points onto individual sticky notes and pairing them up based on affinity in content alone.

From these, we formed the insights of the research, which is then put into a magazine.

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