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GovTech UX Design Internship

In the Fall of 2020, I had the great opportunity to join GovTech, the technology agency of the Singapore government, as a UX Design Intern.

I worked within the DCube Tribe, under the LifeSG team. With the guidance of my supervisor, Fugene Choy, I was able to learn more about UX Research on the job - conducting generative research and evaluative research such as tree testing, interviews, create discussion guides for different projects and design experiences based on user feedback. 

I also had the opportunity to design and lead a design thinking workshop for a multi-agency collaboration with the National Youth Council and Ministry of Education looking at career guidance in youths. I am extremely thankful for the unforgettable experience, and ability to work on ground despite the Pandemic.



In the Summer of 2021, I was invited back on the team as an Associate UX Designer, working on more modular UI for the transition of LifeSG's features onto the web product from mobile.

Projects and features designed are under a non-disclosure agreement.
Please contact me personally if you would like to know more details on my role and contributions to this research project.

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