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Google Pay

Mobile payment and financial applications have transformed the way we look at personal finances. According to McKinsey's 2021 Digital Payments Consumer Survey, more than four in five Americans used some form of digital payment in 2021 – but as we dive deeper into cashless payment methods, how can we continue to design for all?

Google Pay approached SCAD to create a solutions looking at the financial health of underrepresented communities in Savannah and Atlanta. 
The end deliverable was three proof of concepts for the Google Pay team.


This research was conducted under a non-disclosure agreement with SCAD and Google.
Please contact me personally if you would like to know more details on my role and contributions to this research project.



This research was conducted in ten weeks with the mentorship of Professor Christine Fish and Professor Eric Allen at SCAD and the Google Pay team.

14 designers worked together to conduct generative research, which informed the creation of three concepts after a reiterative design process. We completed 2 rounds of user testing on these concepts and delivered three proof of concepts by the end of 10 weeks.

My Role

Project Management

Crafted discussion guides

Interviews and User Testings

Affinity Mapping


This was the first quarter back on campus after the Pandemic, I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to join such an amazing team of humble, talented, and hardworking designers.
Thank you Google for bringing us together and making the start of my Senior year a spectacular time.

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