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Deloitte Digital

Creator commerce is an emerging subset of e-commerce where 

content creators, influencers, and celebrities sell merchandise to their fans.

We are looking at a new age of entrepreneurs (creators) and consumers.

These creators are not only leaders of trends and retail, but individuals who sell a story and brand, that is relatable to their following rather than just a product.​

Deloitte Digital approached SCAD to imagine the future of creator commerce. In an era of creators of varying influence and social currency, what would the future of creator commerce look like? 


This research was conducted under a non-disclosure agreement with SCAD and Google.
Please contact me personally if you would like to know more details on my role and contributions to this research project.



This research was conducted in ten weeks with the mentorship of Professor Michael Mikulec and Professor Byeong Cheol Hwang at SCAD and the Deloitte Digital team.

15 designers worked together to conduct research on the current market, archetypes for consumers and brands and important relationships between the stakeholders. Ultimately creating three concepts that serves different groups of consumers and brands.

My Role

Strategy Lead


User Scenarios

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